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Black Ginger is an adaptogen that has been used in the traditional Thai herbal system for over 1,000 years. It's very popular amongst adult men especially athletes and Muay Thai fighters for the effects they notice on their physical performance. (Women can of course also benefit from Black Ginger.)  

This herb gets the most attention for its effects on circulation.  Black Ginger is a phosphodiesterase inhibitor. Usually when people talk about phosphodiesterase inhibitors, they're referring to little blue pills, but Black Ginger also shares this property.  Phosphodiesterase limits vasodilation, which effectively limits circulation.  Something that is a phosphodiesterase inhibitor stops this from happening, allowing for freer blood flow. A study done on adult men found increases in length and girth (both while "at rest" and "activated") and a major decrease in how long it took to get "activated" when these men took black ginger daily for 2 months.  This enhanced circulation isn't only beneficial for romantic applications- it's also great for working out! 

Black Ginger also contains compounds called polymethoxyflavones.  Research in animal models has found that these compounds in Black Ginger can improve endurance, stamina and grip strength. They also increase mitochondria, which are what make the energy for all the cells in your body. 

Research in the Journal of Natural Medicines also found  Black Ginger improved GLUT4 levels. This is responsible for absorbing glucose into cells, so Black Ginger is improving how cells use energy.  This enhanced energy metabolism can then lead to the creation of more mitochondria, which are like cellular energy production factories. 

And finally, a fit body is nothing if not accompanied by a healthy brain. One of the biggest challenges to everyone's mental health these days is the intense chronic stress that we're exposed to.  Research in animal models found that Black Ginger reduced neuron damage and minimized memory impairment during stress, effectively protecting the brain from the harmful effects of stress. It also increased neuron density in the hippocampus and improved spatial memory.